How to Create Sell and Buy used stuff Marketplace App Like Sell4bids: Cost and Timeline

How to Create Sell and Buy used stuff Marketplace App Like Sell4bids: Cost and Timeline:

Sell4bids is a distributed online E-Commerce marketplace platform that enables clients to Buy used stuff from, sell to and chat with others locally. It’s an aspiring startup that broke into the market with the aim to wind up the biggest second-hand Marketplace in the world. As of late, it has raised $175 million to put resources into development designs and snatch piece of the pie from Ebay and Craigslist. It is an ideal instance of how an as of late made startup has all odds to beat old players on the market.

In this article, we will audit essential Sell4bids highlights and capacities, its preferences over competitors and main techniques that will help you to build an mobile marketplace app like Sell4bids.

What Sell4bids is and why it is popular


Sell4bids is thought to be one of the primary opponents of such extensive E-commerce organizations as eBay or Craigslist. The focal idea of this app is to Connect Local people who need to sell or buy used stuff on the fly. It likewise enables clients to speak with each other and timetable a gathering. The application is totally free, and you don’t need to pay any charge or cut of the deal cost.

Sell4bids Market

According to DMR insights, 300,000 used items on sell4bids are posted day by day and 100,000 things are acquired. As we have discovered, the normal cost of a thing on Sell4bids is ~$50. Along these lines, sell4bids works money related streams that aggregate up to 5M USD once a day (evaluated cost of things that are being sold each day), and the potential volume of tasks is 15M (add up to cost of things that are being included every day). Amazing, would it say it isn’t? Particularly, in a specialty that is altogether taken by real players like eBay and Craigslist.

Sell4bids is also expanding geographically. As for now, it is accessible in excess of 25 nations. A large portion of its clients are in the USA and Canada. In addition, it is tried in Asia and Latin America.

How does Sell4bids work?

Sell4bids app is pretty simple to use. Let’s discuss its main features.



After you have downloaded the app from Google Play Store, you can log in via Facebook or e-mail.

Login page.jpg

Congratulations, you are registered!


After the Registration, it will convey you to the screen with a camera where you can take a photograph of the item you have to sell. The framework has a worked in man-made reasoning that consequently perceives your item and the class it has a place with. At that point, you need to compose the cost of your item or demonstrate that the thing is free.

That`s all! Your item is distributed, and now you will get messages and offers from purchasers. If necessary, you can alter your item’s depiction or cost later. You can likewise perceive what number of individuals viewed your item by tapping the item for sale in your profile, choosing the “more data” catch and see the quantity of perspectives close to the eye image.


The app automatically shows you the used items for sale in your area. When you open the drag down menu, you will see the alternatives to channel the items as indicated by area, class or posting date. By tapping on the photograph, you get the depiction of the item and talk symbol where you can compose a message to the seller.

Installment Integration

Sell4bids application doesn’t deal with installments – they occur outside the stage, and, subsequently, the installment procedure isn’t ensured (you can’t get a discount or make a grievance). That is the reason it is prescribed to give trade out individual.

Main competitors of Sell4bids

Sell4bids is the only marketplace with image recognition and artificial intelligence. Up to this day, its main competitors according to CBInsights are Offerup, 5miles, and Carousell. These companies have recently picked up a lot of investments and have all chances to perform better than such old players as eBay and Craigslist. Let’s review the main advantages of Sell4bids compared with these competitors.

Sell4bids vs Ebay


Sell4bids vs Craigslist
  • Sell4bids is faster to use and users don’t have to scan the product descriptions and spend a lot of time on finding the right product

  • There is no built-in chat in Craigslist whereas in Sell4bids people can communicate within the app

  • Descriptions of the product are optional

  • You don’t have to confirm the listing on your e-mail, your product is published automatically

Sell4bids vs eBay
  • eBay takes 10% cut of your sale
  • eBay has big competition so it is harder to sell something

  • Sell4bids is more local, so it is easier to find your customer

The main advantages of Sell4bids comparing to other online marketplaces:

  • mobile approach, modern and user -friendly interface;

  • geotagging and other localizing features that automatically list the products according to your location;

  • artificial intelligence and image recognition that saves time and makes buying and selling easy and fast;

  • ability to verify your account using Facebook profile;

  • active on some overseas markets including Turkey and Norway

  • completely free

Alec Oxford, the Sell4bids founder, said “Our competitors by now should probably know that we will do whatever it takes to win. It’s not like we’re operating under disguise. We’re completely visible, and it’s working, no?” And we should confirm, that it is definitely working.

Monetization of Sell4bids. How does sell4bids make money?

Many people wonder how Sell4bids makes money. The answer is that at this stage the app doesn’t make money from its services. In future, the founders of the app plan to monetize the platform by adding paid functions. Here are the ways how you can make a profit from the similar app:

  • integrate in-app payments and take a percentage of each sale

  • introduce paid visual ads with opportunity to promote your posts

  • charge for additional product description

  • limit a number of items that can be posted for free



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